What I Made (What Can I)

I’m hoping to help my clients and employers to have an overview of my expertise and skills. It might be too many tech terms to read (hope not to you).

 In Brief

C++ and Go expert working with Linux+Emacs, also programming in C, Java(Android) and many scripting languages (JavaScript, Bash, TCL, etc). Makefile Guru (GNU Make), also work with build tools (autotools, cmake, gradle for Android) when came into needs. I’m working in these areas:

 Longer story

I’m always using open source technologies for software development (why). My basic programming languages today are Go(since 2012) and C++(since high-school, 2001). I also use many other programming languages (and scripting languages).

 Frameworks and libraries I had worked with for real projects

 Frameworks and libraries I worked with of my own interests

 Tools and languages I used before but deprecated

 Projects I’m still looking at and studying

 Why open source stack?

(to be continued)

 Why so many programming languages?

(to be continued)

 Links to what I made

 Projects for myself and looking to help others

 Some projects accessible online I helped or developed

 Some of my open-sourced projects


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