Rethinking Jobs Being Done  

A job is being done to solve an issue. A great job is supposed to help as many people as possible in their life. In return, the operator gains some reward to support his life and to help more.

As an independent developer, I’m working hard to help different clients with my expertise and experiences in the field. By fulfill the needs of my client, I get payed. I believe that it’s the right way to work it hard and offer useful helps always. As I’m working to help client to succeed, It’s a chance of cooperation to solve the problem together.

Normally, a buyer is tend to cut the price as much as possible and looking at the best value of what he/she is paying for. And a seller is tend to earn as much as possible without doing much efforts. This is common between clients and freelancers. I believe this is a potential failure of a remote relationship when both parties get to the extreme.

Nothing for nothing, very little for a half penny. You get what you work for, and you get what you pay for. It needs patience and maybe very long time to find a good match of client and freelancer. A good freelancer is providing the best work, and a good client is paying the best price in return. Together, a greater success could happen.

As a serious freelancer, I need to make the first step, especially at the beginning. No matter how long have I been working in the field, no matter how strong am I in software development, I was totally new to the client. In order to build reputation, I have to work as much as possible to make good portfolio online. So that clients can see I’m really good at the work and I’m very serious. This might be important to win more future works and to find a good client. A good freelancer is worthy for a good client.

I also open-sourced many of my projects on GitHub in order to showcase my skills. I hope my open-source projects could be helping others in need. I believe this is a good way to build reputation online by contributing in the open source community. I’m in hope that my GitHub profile could help to bring more good clients.

As a developer working online, I think it’s necessary to do some jobs at a very low budget (especially at the beginning), even free of charged (like open sourced). As everyone wants to get what he pay for, my potential clients need to be sure that I’m really good to offer what he really needs. A real project on my GitHub profile could be more helpful than thousands of words telling how professional I’m in the field.

I’m really fascinated at software development and computer science since I was a teenager. Now I really enjoy doing freelancing jobs online. Because I can have ultimate usage of my personal time combines the best quality of works. This is part of my life today. I wish to work with good clients and bring greater success for my clients and myself. A value means real when it’s helpful.


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